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  • Akcome Showcased at InterSolar South America 2023

    Akcome 2023-08-30 0 times

    On August 29th, the InterSolar South America 2023 was grandly held at Expo Center Norte, Brazil. Akcome showcased a variety of photovoltaic solutions including the AK iPower and AK iTopper series of N-type high-efficiency solar modules, the SMART-R series of Tracking System With Reducer, and the iTopower series BAPV Mounting System. The presentation highlighted photovoltaic advancements, product innovation, and practical applications, injecting vigorous energy into the energy transition in the Latin American region.

    This year's exhibition, celebrated as South America's premier solar technology event, gathered global manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers in the photovoltaic field. The event was a confluence of cutting-edge photovoltaic technologies and practices, fostering discussions on emerging PV market trends and collaborative growth strategies. It served as an optimal platform for Chinese photovoltaic enterprises to explore the vibrant South American market.


    ▲Akcome's display at Intersolar South America 2023

    As a leading comprehensive service provider in the new energy field, Akcome's display of the high-efficiency N-type product matrix garnered significant attention, creating a lively atmosphere at the venue. The Akcome team engaged with attendees, addressing queries and initiating business dialogues, laying the foundation for establishing strategic partnerships in the future.


    ▲ Akcome booth was bustling with many inquiring on-site

    Among the exhibits, the most eye-catching was Akcome's flagship product, the AK iPower 7.0 series bifacial double-glass high-efficiency HJT module. Tailored for large-scale ground stations, this module integrates advanced technologies such as bifacial microcrystalline, thinning of HJT wafer , 18BB SMBB, and light conversion film. It boasts an impressive bifaciality rate of up to 95%, a conversion efficiency reaching 23.5%, and a peak power output surpassing 720W. To cater to diverse end-user needs, Akcome continuously expanded product portfolios, launching the cost-effective TOPCon product series. The exhibited AK iTopper 4.0/5.0/6.0 series spans 182-54, 182-72, and 182-78 versions, covering power ranges from 440W to 630W, making them ideal for residential, C&I, and centralized scenarios. With high power, high conversion efficiency, high reliability, low BOS and LCOE, creating greater value for customers.


    ▲Akcome's N-type modules attracted attention

    Brazil, being South America's largest nation, predominantly lies in the tropics, offering an abundance of sunlight, making it a fertile ground for the photovoltaic industry. Capitalizing on Brazil's green transition and the government's proactive energy policies, the Brazilian photovoltaic market has witnessed a surge in demand, and PV installations have repeatedly reached new highs, making it one of the markets in South America with the most development potential. According to data from the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL), the newly increased PV installed capacity of Brazil is 10.6GW in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 87%, and the cumulative installed capacity exceeded 29GW. Based on data from BNEF and IHS, Brazil's PV installed capacity is expected to be 13-14GW (DC) in 2023. 





    As for the medium and long-term energy structure transformation and development goals, the Energy Research Office (EPE) released the "Ten-Year Energy Expansion Plan", which plans that by 2030, Brazil's total installed capacity will reach 224.3GW. Among them, centralized solar photovoltaic installations will have the largest increase and the fastest growth, with an increase of 5.3GW, reaching 8.4GW. In terms of distributed power generation, thanks to the Brazilian government's release of "Law No. 14,300" in 2022, existing distributed power stations and those completed before the end of 2023 (below 5MW) will continue to enjoy tax incentives until 2045, ensuring the tax benefits of distributed power stations. Without doubt, the Brazilian photovoltaic industry is in a period of rapid development and will usher in greater development opportunities in the future.

    Akcome, recognizing Brazil's vast photovoltaic potential, is committed to securing a strong foothold in the market with our state-of-the-art technology, superior products, and impeccable service. This exhibition signifies Akcome's endeavors to deepen our market presence and expand outreach. Moving forward, Akcome aims to leverage our comprehensive industry advantages, intensify resource integration, and amplify global outreach, facilitating the realization of more photovoltaic projects in Brazil and contributing to the high-quality growth of renewable energy in South America.


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