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  • AKCOME Radiates at Solar Exhibitions in Pakistan and Italy

    Akcome 2024-03-01 0 times

    At the Solar Pakistan 2024

    The AKiPower and AKiTopper Series Captivate Onlookers

    On February 27th, Akcome took the stage at Solar Pakistan, unveiling its AK iPower series 745W modules featuring cutting-edge HJT technology, alongside the AK iTopper 620W modules boasting TOPCon technology. These two products garnered widespread attention for their exceptional performance and reliability.



    The Solar Pakistan Exhibition stands as a cornerstone event for Pakistan's solar sector, drawing in global professionals and enterprises from the solar industry. With a vast scale, a plethora of exhibitors, and a diverse array of products, this year's expo offered a profound platform for both internal and external industry stakeholders to foster deep exchanges and collaborations.

    As a frontrunner in the renewable energy domain, Akcome highlighted its latest AK iPower and AK iTopper series modules at the expo. The AK iPower series 745W modules, renowned for their advanced HJT technology pathway, are celebrated for their high efficiency and dependability; whereas, the AK iTopper series 620W modules, following the TOPCon technology pathway, are distinguished for their superior performance and stability. The debut of these modules vividly reflects the solar industry's craving for components that are both high in efficiency and performance. Amidst the ongoing advancements in solar technology and the decline in costs, high-efficiency modules have emerged as the prevailing market trend. Akcome's AK iPower and AK iTopper series modules are set to become highly coveted products in the marketplace.



    The Pakistani government has consistently endeavored to advance the development of renewable energy, including fostering investments and the application of photovoltaic energy through supportive policies and regulations. With the Pakistani government and the global community placing a high value on renewable energy, the photovoltaic market in Pakistan is poised for sustained growth. Meanwhile, with technological advancements and cost reductions, photovoltaic energy will become an essential part of Pakistan's future energy supply.

    At KEY ENERGY 2024 Italy

    Akcome Leads Technological Innovation

    The KEY ENERGY 2024 Exhibition, held from 28th February to 1st March, attracted global attention from the renewable energy industry. At this important industry event, Akcome has presented its AK iPower series 745W/450W modules and AK iTopper series 620W modules, bringing a vibrant flair to the exhibition.




    Akcome's display of the AK iPower and AK iTopper series modules at the expo not only underscored their remarkable performance but also their unique advantages in manufacturing processes and application fields. The AK iPower series modules, utilizing HJT technology not only reach new heights in solar energy conversion efficiency but also demonstrate excellent stability under high-temperature and low-light conditions, making them suitable for a wide range of climates and environments. The two modules exhibited by Akcome, with conversion efficiencies of 23.98% and 23.04% for 745W and 450W respectively, are at the forefront of the industry's technological level. Conversely, the AK iTopper series modules, adopting the TOPCon technology pathway, showcase exceptional durability and long-term stability in high-temperature settings, making them especially apt for hot regions or applications during warm summers.


    During the exhibition, Akcome has engaged in cooperative exchanges with numerous Italian and European customers, conducting in-depth discussions on product performance, market demand, and future cooperation directions. Both parties reached a consensus on further strengthening cooperation, injecting fresh impetus into the renewable energy sector's evolution.


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