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  • AKCOME Unleashes New Magnetic Force at Abu Dhabi Exhibition!

    Akcome 2024-04-19 0 times

    On April 16, the three-day World Future Energy Summit kicked off grandly at ADNEC in Abu Dhabi. AKCOME made its debut with a fresh new image, incorporating the ideas of " smart city, smart agriculture and web3+AI" into the booth design. This design comprehensively and multifacetedly showcased AKCOME's forward-thinking approach to green energy, presenting its unique green energy concepts and innovative applications to the world.

    AKCOME introduced the innovative concept of "Neutron Star", mirroring the pulsating signals emitted by this celestial body and symbolizing the boundless potential of HJT technology. The booth design was inspired by the "Neutron Star" concept, seamlessly connecting HJT with the rhythmic pulses of a neutron star. Through immersive and comprehensive displays, AKCOME showcased future energy concepts and application scenarios, injecting fresh vitality and imagination into the development of sustainable energy solutions.


    AKCOME's booth, located in Hall 8 and themed "Smart City," resonated perfectly with this exhibition's core focus. During the fair, AKCOME showcased its cutting-edge HJT technology through the AK iPower 7.0 series 745W module, offering users dependable energy solutions thanks to its exceptional energy conversion rate and stable performance. Additionally, the TOPCon AK iTopper 6.0 series 620W module, featuring advanced TOPCon technology and impressive photovoltaic performance, became a highlight at the exhibition, garnering widespread attention and acclaim.

    In addition to product displays, AKCOME also shared its latest research findings and industry insights in the field of new energy through exchange activities during the exhibition. As a leading enterprise in the new energy industry, AKCOME remains committed to driving innovation and advancing the application of energy technology, contributing positively to the creation of green and intelligent future cities.

    Amidst the increasing global demand for clean energy, the rooftop photovoltaic market in the UAE is experiencing a period of significant growth. Government incentives, declining solar technology costs, and the widespread adoption of environmental conservation principles are collectively fueling the robust development of this market.

    Currently, rooftop photovoltaic installed capacity in the UAE accounts for 7% of its total electricity generation and 3% of total power, with outstanding performance particularly in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Abu Dhabi, benefiting from its tropical location, receives ample sunlight annually, creating ideal conditions for photovoltaic power generation.

    In the future, AKCOME will continue to delve into the path of reducing costs and increasing efficiency of photovoltaic products, continuously launching products with higher system value and lower electricity costs and contributing to the construction of a sustainable and beautiful future globally.



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