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  • Akcome's Grand Debut at SOLAR PAKISTAN 2023!

    Akcome 2023-09-08 0 times

    From September 7th to 9th, the SOLAR PAKISTAN 2023 was inaugurated at the Karachi Expo Center. Akcome, showcasing innovative AK iPower and AK iTopper series of N-type high-efficiency photovoltaic solutions, played a pivotal role in revitalizing the renewable energy landscape in South Asia.

    This exhibition is Pakistan's premier energy gathering with a focus on photovoltaics, amalgamating the latest technologies, products, and innovative concepts from the global PV arena. It has been highly recognized by experts in the electricity and energy industries of Pakistan and South Asia. The event attracted manufacturers, suppliers, traders, and contractors from the global energy sector, providing a valuable opportunity for face-to-face exchanges between enterprises, scholars, and experts, thereby paving the way for Chinese enterprises' ingress and expansion in the Pakistani and surrounding markets.


    ▲Akcome's display at the Solar Pakistan 2023

    Akcome's state-of-the-art products captivated numerous attendees at booth A4-01. The AK iPower 7.0 series G12-132 bifacial dual-glass high-efficiency heterojunction module stands as Akcome's flagship offering, designed for large-scale ground power stations. It integrates leading-edge technologies such as bifacial microcrystalline, ultra-thin silicon wafers, super multi-busbar (SMBB), and light conversion films. The bifaciality can reach up to 95%, with a conversion efficiency of 23.5%, and a maximum output power exceeding 720W, showcasing its advantages in power generation and investment costs. To cater to diverse application scenarios, Akcome introduced cost-effective TOPCon module series. The AK iTopper 5.0/6.0 series, including the 182-72 (580W) and the 182-78 (630W) module, is designed for distributed PV projects and large-scale ground power stations. Compared to conventional modules, AK iTopper series, bolstered by innovations such as thin silicon wafer technology, high-density encapsulation and SMBB, perform superiorly in reliability, temperature coefficient, and weak light response, saving BOS cost and LCOE and maximizing the return on investment for customers.



    ▲ Akcome's N-type modules attracted attention

    Akcome's AK iPower and AK iTopper series of high-efficiency N-type modules quickly became the focal point of the event upon launch. "During the exhibition, we engaged in meaningful dialogues with several Pakistani clients and institutions, discussing cooperation models and plans. We subsequently reached strategic cooperation intentions with multiple clients, to jointly promote the development of green energy in the South Asian region," articulated The Sales Director of Akcome's Asia-Pacific region.


    ▲Akcome's team communicated with customers

    Pakistan is a pivotal market in Akcome's global strategic blueprint. As a significant player in South Asia's economic landscape, Pakistan boasts a vast population and notable per capita electricity consumption. Despite its limited oil and gas resources, its abundant solar potential offers a natural advantage for photovoltaic power generation. Consequently, photovoltaic energy has emerged as Pakistan's primary solution to address its electricity shortfall. In recent years, the Pakistani government has introduced several policies, including the "Renewable Energy Development Policy" "Integrated Energy Planning""Guidelines for Determination of Tariff for Independent Power Producers" "Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy". They have also implemented incentives to stimulate the development of renewable energy. According to Pakistan's clean energy objectives, by 2030, renewable energy's contribution will reach 30%. In the PV sector, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has outlined that by 2030, Pakistan's PV capacity will reach 12.8GW, escalating to 26.9GW by 2047. As a participant in the "Belt and Road" initiative, Pakistan benefits from the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor", making it a prime investment destination for Chinese enterprises. Overall, with policy support and substantial electricity demand, Pakistan's PV sector offers immense growth potential, meriting exploration and investment by Chinese firms.





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    This exhibition provided Akcome with an invaluable opportunity to engage with Pakistan's energy sector, solidifying its foothold in the South Asian market. Looking ahead, Akcome remains committed to technological innovation and product development, aiming to further contribute to South Asia's green transition and sustainable energy evolution with enhanced standards, superior quality, and comprehensive services.


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