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  • Akcome HJT products were grandly released in Thailand!

    Akcome 2023-10-29 0 times

    On October 27, AKCOME HJT Product Technology Seminar was grandly held in Bangkok, Thailand. The Seminar focused on “HJT technology”, and discussed the impact of HJT technology on renewable energy in Thailand with local enterprises and relevant energy institutions in Thailand. Nearly 100 experts and scholars from local scientific research institutions, well-known enterprises, local photovoltaic practitioners and science and technology management departments in Thailand attended the Seminar to share the heterojunction cutting-edge technology and discuss the future of clean energy! 


    At the beginning of the Seminar, Guo Xianzhe, Vice President of AKCOME Overseas Marketing Center delivered a speech. Mr. Guo said that the development of renewable energy represented by photovoltaic and wind power has become a global consensus, driven by the dual goals of energy crisis and global carbon neutrality. As a manufacturer of photovoltaic enterprises, it is necessary to focus on the in-depth development of technology, deeply explore the practical application of products, and maximize the customer value by reducing cost and increasing efficiency. 

    More efficient and reliable! 730 W Heterojunction Modules Demonstrates Best Solution 

    AK iPower, an efficient heterojunction module developed by AKCOME, has been iterated and upgraded, and now two conventional versions 60 and 66 are mainly introduced to the market, both of which adopt 210 mm heterojunction cells. The 210 HJT 66 versions, which represents the highest power of the product in this series, combines technological innovations such asthinner cell, surface microcrystallization, and less silver paste, and uses zero bus bar (0BB) technology to achieve a maximum power of 730 W and a conversion efficiency of 23.5%, while steadily increasing the CTM of the module. 

    AK iPower 7.0 series 730W modules combine the advantages of high efficiency, high bifacial ratio, low temperature coefficient and low degradation. The combination of large-scale model and high efficiency makes this product the best partner of large power station scene, which can be widely used in large-scale ground power station, complex terrain ground power station, fishery and photovoltaic complementary station projects, industrial and commercial power station, roof power station and other diversified scenes to meet the needs of customers in all aspects. 






    Recently, Clean energy reviews released the Highest Power Module Enterprise Ranking List, and AK iPower 7.0 series 730W module developed by AKCOME ranked fourth in the highest module power of global photovoltaic enterprises, which fully demonstrates the high efficiency and reliability of the products, and endues customers with high income, worry-free and high-quality user experience. 

    High-Quality Products Win Recognition in the Industry, Attracting Industry Big Shots to Advertise 

    At this Seminar, AKCOME specially invited Mr. Thassakorn Thongbor, Director of Electricity Planning Department of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, and Professor Kobsak, National Science and Technology Development Agency (Thailand) to report on the development of photovoltaic technology and the application development of HJT technology and in combination with Thailand's local energy policy. 



    At the Seminar, two experts in the industry said that, with the increasing demand for environmentally friendly energy, the photovoltaic industry, as a clean and renewable energy development mode, has been highly valued by the Thai government. In order to attract more PV enterprises to invest in Thailand, the Thai government has taken a series of measures to promote the development of PV industry by providing preferential power purchase agreements, financial incentives, simplifying approval procedures, establishing PV parks, providing technical support and training, and strengthening international cooperation. 







    With the efficiency of P-type cell approaching the limit of theoretical conversion efficiency, the cutting-edge technology is gradually changing to crystalline silicon solar cell for higher efficiency. With the acceleration of the iterative speed of photovoltaic cell technology route, the mass production of N-type technology has formally started. With a series of advantages such as high efficiency, simple manufacturing process, thin silicon cell application and low temperature coefficient, the heterojunction technology is undoubtedly the next generation of ultra-high efficiency cell technology with industrial potential. As one of the world's first leading enterprises to tackle heterojunction technology, AKCOME has an absolute first-mover advantage in the field of heterojunction R&D and application. It is believed that with the continuous in-depth layout of photovoltaic market in Thailand, AKCOME will greatly promote the development of clean energy in Thailand to a new height. 


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